At Teeth Labs we have been providing out clients with teeth whitening solutions for years and our practitioners have many years experience between them.


Our trainers are professionals themselves and so will provide you with the highest possible quality training and tutoring.  All trainers are members of their respective Professional Bodies and are mentored by our advisory board. 


Make sure that you are trained by professionals only - quality training is essential for a high quality practice.


Teeth Labs Team Advisory Board

Dr. J. Parkfield   MB BS (SA)

Dr Parkfield qualified from University of Cape Town (Health Faculty) and has successfully run and managed a teeth whitening business in South Africa.  He advises and manages the training delivery across our centres.

Dr. A. Kapoor   BChD MS

Dr Kapoor has vast experience in general and cosmetic dentistry alongwith his special interest in teeth whitening which has spanned over 15 years, and three continents.

He specifically looks after our overseas training centres, and has an interest in enhancing training standards across Asia and the Middle East.

Dr. H. Patel   MB ChB

Dr Patel has extensively trained in the use of teeth whitening and has been an invaluable part of our team in Singapore.  He has had amazing feedback on his courses and he now looks after our South-East Asia training programmes.


Dr. Y. Choo-Fat   BDS

Dr Choo-Fat is a cosmetic dentistry fellow having trained at the University of California, whilst teeth whitening was still in its infancy.  He is particularly passionate about the use of whitening and its effectiveness and use in depression.


He is involved in our US operations foremost and is a substitute lecturer for our South-East Asam programmes.


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